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BEST SUITED TO PRE-K through 1st grade

Who were the dinosaurs? Where did they live? Learn the answers to all of these questions, plus conduct a guided paleontological dig in our Dino Dig area with one of our staff members. Students will make their own fossil to take home.

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Outer Space Exploration

BEST SUITED TO pre-k through 1st grade

Learn about the planets, our solar system, and space exploration in our Space Room! Students will make and launch their own paper rockets.

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Creative Art Studio

BEST SUITED TO pre-k through 3rd grade

Join us in the APCM Art Studio for an immersive artistic experience. Learn about diverse artists and their techniques. Experiment with new materials. Students will complete their own mixed-media piece to present and take home.

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Money matters

BEST SUITED TO pre-k through 2ndgrade

Learn about the money, coins, and saving your cents. Students will decorate their own savings bank to take home and practice counting their change with a fun, interactive activity.

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