Request for Proposals

Amelia Park Children’s Museum (APCM), a 501(c)(3) non-profitlocated in Westfield, Massachusetts, seeks proposals from museum exhibit fabricators for the expansion, updating, and renovation of an existing financial literacy exhibit for children ages 1-7.

Exhibit/Proposal Details

APCM offers a multitude of hands-on activities for children 1 to 7 years of age, including exhibits, programs, and local family-oriented events.  We seek to update an existing Berkshire Bank exhibit, including the addition of a “drive-up window” area that will permit children to role play in a fixed vehicle, emulating real-life banking transactions.  The concept of teller and customer interactions will enhance existing role-playing options which develop creativity, interpersonal skills, and team work.

The footprint of the existing exhibit is 12’ 6” x 12’ 6” feet,with a maximum height of 10’.  While this footprint will not change, areas adjacent to the exterior walls on two sides are available for incorporating additional elements into the exhibit.

The updated exhibit would also include a new interactive Bernoulli blower used to blow “money” balls into a large “X” logo/sign or adjacent area.  This activity allows children to experience the concept of depositing money in the bank in a challenging and exciting way requiring manual dexterity and coordination.  

In addition, an existing but damaged ATM machine should be refurbished or replaced.

Exhibit designs should include retaining the existing vault and other areas of the exhibit, and seek to enhance them with improvements or additions to the existing components.

Proposals should maximize the potential for children’s development of the core skills the Museum seeks to develop:  creativity, self-direction, self-control,communications skills, problem solving behavior, making choices, coordination and strength, focus, perseverance, understanding of symbols (numbers and money), understanding of acceptable social skills, and self-esteem.

Creative exhibit designs might also incorporate and integrate interactions among other exhibits in the Museum, which include:  a post office, grocery store, café, kid-powered universe (space exhibit and climbing structure), hospital/dental center, live animals, musical instruments, toddler area, construction zone, library/reading area, arts and crafts, stage area, and dinosaur fossil digging area.

Photographs of the existing Bank Exhibit are enclosed with this RFP, as are the concept designs of Mr. Pietruska.  Additional questions about the existing exhibit should be directed to Ray Radigan, assistant director of APCM at  The only component already acquired are the large “X” logo for Berkshire Bank, which measures approximately 4-feet wide,2.5 feet high, and 4 inches deep (photo enclosed).  Proposals need not include any estimate for the cost of the “X” sign.

Response Deadline

Responses to this RFP must be received by ACPM on or before December 7, 2018, and may be submitted my mailing them to Amelia Park Children’s Museum, 29 South Broad Street, PO Box 931, Westfield, MA 01086 or via email to

Proposal Requirements

· Written description of the proposed exhibit enhancements and changes, including new physical components based on concept sketches provided by APCM;

· Complete budget, including a breakdown between materials and labor and a breakdown for each component/area of the exhibit;

· Estimated replacement part costs;

· Allowance for unanticipated cost over-runs in the design/building of the updated exhibit;

· Proposed schedule to begin and to complete the project; and

· Expected payment schedule.

Proposals not conforming to these Requirements will not be considered.  Untimely proposals will not be considered.

Budget for Project

The total budget available for this project is a maximum of$25,000.  All proposals should include a reserve for unanticipated cost over-runs and a separate 3-year maintenance reserve.

Thank you for your interest in this exhibit project for Amelia Park Children’s Museum!

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